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Tombstone Diesel Performance is Colorado’s premiere diesel performance build and race shop that specializes in street and strip custom trucks. From race engine building, drive train modification, fuel systems, turbo kits, chassis fabrication, cosmetic upgrades, lift kits, electronic upgrades, intake systems, and superior expertise, Tombstone Diesel Performance offers endless options to design and create your diesel vision.

15 Years Experience

Travis Kurz is an ASE Master certified technician with over 15 years of experience in all makes and models, including classics, Europeans, and luxury vehicles, with a special passion for diesel performance.

Full Integrity

In a state where the diesel industry is ever growing, we realize that you have the power to choose from a number of shops. We would like to tell you how much we appreciate your business and would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to the Tombstone Diesel Family. For many diesel shops, the primary goal is bigger, stronger, faster. Unfortunately, what most people overlook is that without the proper foundation, repair, and strategy even the best ideas can result in blown up engines and mechanical failures. Despite what many people think, diesel repair and performance are not simply about bigger, stronger, faster. Those are the building blocks that top the foundation of the complexities of the diesel engine and they require the highest caliber of service and repair in order to create the most powerful and reliable results. At Tombstone Diesel we believe that performance is only as good as the foundation it is built on. We believe that diesel repair and performance should be built on a platform of precision, knowledge, and quality. By laying this primary expertise, we are able to service, repair, and build diesels with additions and modifications that are built to last and withstand power.

Timely, Efficient, and Detailed

The Diesel engine is a complex and intricate design which consists of millions of moving parts. This is one of the reasons why we believe that focus and dedication to one job at a time provides the utmost of care, precision, and quality. When you entrust us with your diesel, you and your vehicle will receive quality care, attention, and customer service. No high volume shop mentality where things go unnoticed or names are forgotten. At Tombstone Diesel we take pride in our attention to detail which provides our customers with unparalleled repairs and service, giving you and your vehicle the attention it deserves.


Our Popular Video

In 2018, longtime technician Travis Kurz began creating tools that he felt would improve book time and ease for mechanics. His invention, the KDT Slide Action Tool was quickly endorsed by industry giant Pure Diesel Power and was loved by every technician who used it. The KDT Slide Action Tool is an asset to any mechanic, enthusiast, or racer that works on their vehicle, and the first of many industry inventions to come for Mr.Kurz.

Read more about the KDT Slide Action Tool and grab one for your toolbox today! 


Our Mission

From our repair and performance to our customer service, it is our mission to provide the utmost integrity, knowledge, quality, and cleanliness. We strive to contribute the highest caliber of moral and technique to the diesel industry, and for each customer’s experience to reflect the level of care, precision, and craftsmanship that we value and have built our business upon.

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Popular Questions

Travis has extensive experience with all makes and models and spent many years working on everything from Honda and Subaru, to Lamborghinis and Mazaratis. However, his passion and focus now is working exclusively on diesels.
The Diesel engine is an intricate design with a massive amount of components and features that work together to create functioning, cohesive, and fluid performance. While vehicle symptoms may seem straightforward, there are many different possibilities as to what can be happening and/or chain reactions caused by internals that can only be diagnosed in person. Therefore, to give you the best answers, options, and repairs, we require all vehicles to be present and diagnosed by Travis himself at Tombstone Diesel.
Growing up in Arizona Travis developed an interest in cowboying, and was even part of the national rodeo association for almost 10 years. He rode saddle bronc, led trail rides, and worked with disabled children on a ranch where he lived and worked. One area that particularly appealed to him was the city of Tombstone and the legacy of Wyatt Earp. Tombstone, who’s saying was, “The City Too Tough To Die” was a favorite spot for Travis to visit, and also happens to be one of his films.


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