The Diesel engine is an intricate design with a massive amount of components and features that work together to create functioning, cohesive, and fluid performance. While vehicle symptoms may seem straightforward, there are many different possibilities as to what can be happening and/or chain reactions caused by internals that can only be diagnosed in person. Therefore, to give you the best answers, options, and repairs, we require all vehicles to be present and diagnosed by Travis himself at Tombstone Diesel.
Travis has extensive experience with all makes and models and spent many years working on everything from Honda and Subaru, to Lamborghinis and Mazaratis. However, his passion and primary focus now is working exclusively on diesels.
One of our most frequently asked questions we receive is from other shops and technicians who are having trouble diagnosing and repairing a customer vehicle. Unfortunately, Travis does not fix vehicles for other shops or “point them in the right direction.” If you are a shop or tech who would like to have Travis diagnose, troubleshoot, or repair a customer vehicle, you can have your customer schedule an appointment with us and we will make sure to get them on our schedule as soon as possible.
The companies we trust and work with have earned their reputations due to their quality and reliability. Therefore, we highly encourage our clients to use the recommended companies and parts that we know will be the most suitable for each vehicle. However, Travis treats each job individually so if you would like to purchase your own parts and have Travis install them, please contact him directly at 720-389-8569 to discuss it further.
We offer complimentary Lyft rides to clients with 3 hours or more of labor within a 15 mile radius. Please let us know if you need a Lyft at the time of booking your appointment and we will make sure to have a driver ready to take you to your destination.
If you are active or retired military we would be happy to honor your service by offering you a special rate. Please let us know your military status at the time of booking your appointment. Thank you for your service and God bless America.
We love when our clients tell their friends and family about us. To show our appreciation we offer a referral discount of $50 to bills up to $1,000 and a $100 referral discount for bills over $1,000. Please make sure to have any referrals mention your name at the time of booking their appointment.
We do not do emissions testing ourselves but can certainly get your vehicle emissions ready with any needed repairs.
We do not delete vehicles.
Growing up in Arizona Travis developed an interest in cowboying, and was even part of the national rodeo association for almost 10 years. He rode saddle bronc, led trail rides, and worked with disabled children on a ranch where he lived and worked. One area that particularly appealed to him was the city of Tombstone and the legacy of Wyatt Earp. Tombstone, who’s saying was, “The City Too Tough To Die” was a favorite spot for Travis to visit, and also happens to be one of his films.
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